Problems setting access permissions with sam

Tuuli K Tuominen tztuomin at
Thu May 8 08:40:24 EDT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Joshua Baer wrote:
> A few months ago, we stopped being able to make changes to the ACL. The
> "sam" command appears to work without error and "lam" shows the correct
> info, but then when we test it out using an email client we don't see any
> changes. This applies to both granting and removing access.

Could it be a problem with the e-mail client instead of the server side
ACL? At least one version of Mozilla's mail client had a problem with
Cyrus ACL's which might result to what you are seeing. I heard the problem
was fixed in 1.3a.

Tuuli Tuominen
University of Helsinki		IT Department

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