Cyrus 2.2?

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri May 9 03:56:15 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski schrieb:
> Hey all,
> In an attempt to gauge the stability of the 2.2 code base, I'd like to
> hear from people who are successfully using 2.2.0-ALPHA.

For everybody waiting to testinstall via rpm, I have prepared a beta
package which can be used to play with 2.2.

The big fat WARNING is here:
This package is not finished nor tested yet. Don't upgrade your existing
production server with it. In fact do not use it to upgrade any existing
server because it's completely untested and features like database
backend detection/conversion may not work or melt down your existing
imap spool! Other features like automagic sieve script compilation on
upgrade are not implemented yet.

For those still interested to try, the source rpm is here:

Use at your own risk.


> Specifically, we're curious about the following:
>  - The mupdate server (in a murder configuration)
>  - Message filtering using the new Sieve Bytecode
>  And, to a lesser extent:
>  - Virtual domains in a murder configuration
> If you're using these features and they're working for you, please let us
> know.  If they're not working, where are those bug reports? ;)
> As always, if you have general comments/suggestions/flames about
> documentation, please feel free to write.
> Thanks,
> -Rob
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