Cyrus 2.2?

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Fri May 9 14:46:49 EDT 2003

Christian Schulte wrote:

> What do you mean should that patch do exactly ? Do you mean that if an 
> email does not specify an encoding it should automatically set an 
> encoding which can be specified in imapd.conf ? So there would be no 
> actual mail-translation or anything like that ? Only if the encoding 
> is _not_ specified cyrus will set it to a default and leaves the mail 
> untouched otherwise ? What email-headers are you talking about exactly 
> ? I did something like that for my installation but it seems that it 
> is something other than you actually requested !

I think the suggestion is that a message which contains 8-bit characters 
in the header would be encoded assuming the character set is what is 
supplied in the configuration file only if the default character set 
option is specified.  Otherwise, the current behavior would remain.

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