cyradm/Cyrus::IMAP::Shell -> missing characters?

Efler, Lukas lef at
Fri May 9 07:58:17 EDT 2003

Hi list

With my installation, cyradm/Cyrus::IMAP::Shell behaves strange in the way that with every output, the very first character is missing, ie., if I type help, the output is:

uthenticate, login, auth         authenticate to server   <-----------------
chdir, cd                         change current directory
createmailbox, create, cm         create mailbox
deleteaclmailbox, deleteacl, dam  remove ACLs from mailbox
deletemailbox, delete, dm         delete mailbox

notice the missing a in uthenticate. The same thing happens with any command.

Does anybody know what could be causing this?

OS is Solaris 8, cyrus is 2.1.12, perl is 5.8.0

The actual call to perl in cyradm is 'exec perl -I/opt/cyrus/lib/perl5/site_perl -MCyrus::IMAP::Shell -e shell -- "$@"'


Lukas Efler

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