unixhierarchysep: yes again

Brian brianb at sboss.net
Tue May 13 12:58:16 EDT 2003

I respectfully disagree.  I've *always* used unixhierarchysep: off in my
cyrus implementation and never had a problem with Evolution pre-1.0
through 1.2.2, though I stopped using it because the lead IMAP developer
was rude to me for reporting a nasty IMAP bug.

Yours is likely a client misconfiguration.


Edward Rudd said:
> I always turn it on.. As I usually have problems with stupid clients
> that assume that the server always has a unix heirarchy seperator..
> *couch* evolutions *cough*.  I know evolution has difficulties with the
> net news separator (the "." default for cyrus IMAP). I've posted bug
> reports ever since the prereleases before 1.0, and they still have not
> fixed the issues.. AFAIK that's the only client that I've experienced
> problems with the unihierarchysep setting OFF.

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