SSL with OperaMail leads to STARTTLS negotiation failed in the logs ?

Christian Schulte cs at
Sat May 10 20:33:40 EDT 2003


I just installed Opera on Windows because someone reported problems with 
Opera's imapclient M2 if used with SSL. Enabling the "use TLS" checkbox 
in Opera's account configuration dialog does not lead to Opera using the 
desired port 993 ! Opera remains using port 143 and then fails to 
connect. In the logfiles I see entries like:

May 11 02:18:46 smtp imap[14052]: STARTTLS negotiation failed: []

So who is to blame ? I do not have any problems with 
Mozilla,Outlook,Netscape on Windows or Mac using SSL but these clients 
do not connect to port 143 if SSL is enabled ! If I change the port 
manually to 993 Opera also works without any problems! If I imtest to 
the imap server the capabilities line contains STARTTLS so I think I 
have problems with that ? Are there other clients known to use STARTTLS 
on port 143 ?


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