DB Errors

Dmitry Alyabyev gw-cyrus at news.kiev.sovam.com
Fri May 16 11:08:27 EDT 2003

Christian Schulte wrote:


>>>Maybe the files in /var/imap/db are corrupt ?  I think you can delete
>>>all contents of /var/imap/db, /var/imap/db.backup1, /var/imap/db.backup2
>>>! Better make a backup of the files before deleting them! Then restart
>>>your cyrus twice to see if the messages dissappeared.
>>Hmm... /var/imap/ s/b /var/lib/imap/ but I deleted these directories
> No! I meant the files in the directories and not the directories
> themselves! The db.backup1 and db.backup2 directories are beeing created
> automatically I think but not the db directory. Maybe you'll have to run
> tools/mkimap as the cyrus user again now...

I've expirienced the same problem after deleting db.backup*
Without these backlogs ctl_cyrusdb will fail


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