cyrus and ifile - a good fit?

John Hughes john at
Tue May 13 02:41:01 EDT 2003

Like many people I'm being buried under the incoming tide of SPAM.

I've got various measures in place (heuristics in sieve; some of the
less absolutist DNS blackholes in my sendmail config).

They are by no means 100% successful.

I'm toying with the idea of some kind of learning filtering system.

It looks to me like ifile could be a
pretty good fit with Cyrus imap.  It could learn what is spam simply
by where I file a message.

This could be done by putting calls to ifile into the code where
messages are filed into folders.

A sieve extension would be used to file into the most appropriate folder,
based on the ifile database.

Anyone else looked at this?

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