Replacing WINDOWS and NOVELL service with CYRUS

David West dw at
Wed May 14 08:11:43 EDT 2003

Dear Sirs,

Please forgive the extended preamble but you need to understand what we do
before you can understand the full implications of our question.

We are rapidly converting our office-environment from Windows and Novell to
SUSE LINUX, currently using v 8.2.

Our final task is to replace the Novell GroupWise server that currently
processes our email, calendaring and task management.

We develop a product called OSMIS, a managed learning environment (MLE) for
schools and universities, and we propose to extend the functionality of the
existing appointment-scheduling and task-allocation-monitoring within OSMIS
to handle the "groupware" issues and pass these additional functions onto
our user base within academia.

We are investigating the possibility of using the CYRUS IMAP SERVER to
process the email requirements, perfect the process using ourselves as
guinea-pigs and then pass the services onto our customers in academia via

Finally you must forgive me asking questions the answers to which are hidden
throughout your site; I am the man responsible for paying the bills and am
the least technically competent among us all.

Our questions therefore are as follows:

a. How does CYRUS collect our incoming email from our Internet Service
Provider (ISP)? (POP3?)
b. How does CYRUS send email via our ISP to the outside world? (SMTP?)
c. Can we use email addresses that include "." such as david.west at,
d.f.west at
d. Does CYRUS store the messages in individual mailboxes for each "client"?
e. Can we use Outlook Express and/or Outlook 2000 as a client to CYRUS?
f. If I normally use an office on the 4th floor but temporarily uses an
office on the 1st floor will I be able to access my messages?
h. What are the licensing issues regarding CYRUS under the following
h.1 Internal use only?
h.2 Distribution to academic sites
h.3 Distribution to commercial users
i. What are the ongoing support cost for CYRUS under the following
i.1 Internal use only?
i.2 Distribution to academic sites
i.3 Distribution to commercial users

I thank you for your patience and look forward to your response.

Assuring you of my best attention at all times.

David West
david.west at
North Yorkshire
01423 851728 (direct line)
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