Replacing WINDOWS and NOVELL service with CYRUS

Daniel Moore danielm at
Wed May 14 09:05:27 EDT 2003

>>f. If I normally use an office on the 4th floor but temporarily uses an
>> office on the 1st floor will I be able to access my messages?
> Unfortunately, no. Cyrus works horizontally only. The 3rd plane of
> dimension will only be added in version 3. But you could install your
> server in your elevator and do a round-robin. 5 minute stops at one
> story at a time should be enough for all clients on that level to fetch
> their mail.

Hehe... on the same theme as this email, is there anywhere on the web that
has this info? Is there a manual that describes how cyrus does stuff and
how to do common things? At the moment I am looking to rebiuld the
database. But I also want more information about atachments etc without
having to hassle the list...


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