Delivering to user@domain versus user@host.domain

Christian Schulte cs at
Wed May 21 22:30:00 EDT 2003

Don Doumakes wrote:

> On 2003.05.16 20:47:00 -0500 Ken Murchison wrote:
>> My guess is that your MTA is changing the recipient address to 
>> contain the fully qualified hostname.  Can you capture what is being 
>> sent to lmtpd, or if you know SMTP/LMTP can you talk to lmtpd 
>> directly and try to deliver a message?
> I ran
>     sendmail -d testuser at
> and while I'm far from a sendmail debugging expert---barely a passable 
> novice---it doesn't appear that the recipient address has been 
> rewritten to testuser at  I'm hoping some other 
> glaring error is apparent below.
checkcompat(to=testuser at, from=root)
openmailer: TCP [localhost]
makeconnection ( [].25 (2))
makeconnection: fd=6
Connect failed (Connection refused by
openmailer: makeconnection => stat=75, errno=111

I think this is your problem! I know recent versions of sendmail have 
better handling of resolving the local host. For me this disappeared 
after appending


to my but updating your sendmail version should also change 
that behaviour to something different, I think! Had problems with this 
also but do not know exactly how I got rid of. Maybe because I do 
sendmail updates regularly and this dissappeared somewhere after 8.12.7, 
I think.


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