Outlook Express IMAP setup problem

Michael Fair michael at daclubhouse.net
Mon May 19 14:45:03 EDT 2003

Turn on "altnamespace" and this won't be a problem.
With altnamespace turned on Outlook Express will
autcreate Sent Mail and Drafts the first time it
connects to the IMAP server.  You do however need
to specify that the account should use the IMAP
Sent Mail folder instead of the Local Sent Mail
folder in the account properties.

If you do not want to turn on altnamespace you can
set the root folder path in the account properties
to INBOX.  This will also have the effect you are
looking for.

I personally think altnamespace is a cleaner and
more manageable solution but to each his own.

-- Michael --

"Patrick T. Tsang" <patrick at musehub.com> wrote in message
news:002601c31db7$6126a890$c802a8c0 at patrick...
I need to include "INBOX" against the "Root folders path:" in IMAP folder
setup in Outlook Express (ver. 6).
Otherwise, no mail can be received and no copy of sent mail is made.
To my surprise, I don't need to do this in other IMAP server (eg. commerical
IMail server).

Is there anyway to just ignore this field and let Outlook Express to auto
create the INBOX, Sent Items and Drafts boxes during mail account creation?


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