imap not responding/cyradm hangs

Jon Nelson quincy at
Tue May 20 15:19:52 EDT 2003

Andy Litzinger said:
> I just started the master process with the -D debug flag and received
> the following: ctl_cyrusdb: unable to init environment
> fatal error: can't read mailboxes file
> ctl_deliver: unable to init duplicate delivery database
> cty_cyrusdb: unable to init environment
>   and I am also getting some DBERROR db4 errors now in my logs.  I'll
> start digging

It sounds like it was not compiled correctly.  If you don't have the
output, compile again, dump the output to a file and look for errors

> I am not getting those errors in my mail logs, and in section 3.4.2 of
> Luc's How To he  specifically states to put cyrus in the mail group.
> Postfix itself is in the postfix group.

As long as Postfix is in it's own group it will be happy.

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