quotawarn the second could any please help ?

Achim Altmann aa at com-gate.com
Tue May 20 06:15:19 EDT 2003


first, thank's for this answer!

>Use a client which is able to display the server messages ! Outlook
>should bring you a dialogbox where Mozilla does nothing etc...

I use Outlook and a webinterface.
I understood that quotawarn function is : the user would inform about a

i have activate quotawarn: 90 but outlook don't bring a dialogbox or a other

Could i configure imap that bring a e-mail-message?

The webinterface isn't the problem , i can create a message with
php-imap-function after the user-login

i have only the problem when the user read the mails with an external client
like outlook

Thank's for any help



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