deliver: "couldn't connect to lmtpd: Permission denied"

Patrick Morris pmorris at
Wed May 21 14:18:40 EDT 2003

I use that same combination at a couple sites.  How are you calling 
SpamAssassin?  Solving the remaining issues may be as simple as passing 
SA a "-p [file]" parameter to tell it where to look for user prefs.  If 
you've got "cyrus" delivering mail, the only thing you need to be 
careful about is that the cyrus user can read the prefs file.

Jacob wrote:

>The combination of qmail/cyrus/spamassassin doesn't seem to be a
>common one, and I am willing to give postfix a shot if I'm not able to
>get it working without compromising the integrity of any of the
>systems involved. Anyone have any experience with such a combination?

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