Trouble with LMTP

Shuji Kono shuji.kono at
Wed May 21 14:27:56 EDT 2003


tim.kettler at wrote:
> May 21 18:50:23 preston postfix/lmtp[22328]: DA6B010243:
> to=<test at>, relay=none, delay=3518, status=deferred (connect
> to /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp]: Permission
> denied)

I have had a similar problem. If you are running FreeBSD and compiled
Cyrus source code manually, it might check UNIX domain socket as if
it were TCP connection. Eventually, lmtp will be rejected by libwrap.

To avoid that, apply the following patch:

> Revision 1.3, Thu Aug 15 16:10:56 2002 UTC (9 months ago) by ume
> Branch: MAIN
> CVS Tags: RELEASE_5_0_0, RELEASE_4_7_0
> Changes since 1.2: +5 -3 lines
> It seems getpeername() returns with no error but doesn't fill struct
> sockaddr correctly against PF_UNIX socket under 5-CURRENT.  Because of
> this behavior, PF_UNIX socket was always checked by libwrap.  This
> work around prevents PF_UNIX socket from checking by libwrap to always
> allow LMTP.

I'm not sure if this is applicable to platform other than FreeBSD, but
hope it would be helpful.

Shuji Kono <shuji.kono at>

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