Cyrus murder: a mupdate master does not allow creating of mailboxes to the backend.

Thomas Hager thomas.hager at
Thu May 22 10:34:30 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 16:15, Dmitry Novosjolov wrote:
> Dear list members,


> May 22 15:28:52 some_server mupdate[17192]: accepted connection
> May 22 15:28:52 some_server mupdate[17745]: login: mupdate from some_server 
> []
> May 22 15:28:52 some_server mupdate[17747]: cmd_set(fd:12, user.seur1)
> May 22 15:28:52 some_server imap[17791]: mupdate NO response: mailbox already 
> exists
> May 22 15:28:52 some_server imap[17791]: MUPDATE: can't reserve mailbox entry 
> for 'user.seur1'

i'd say your backend and your mupdate master share the same
configdirectory. rob already explained this behaviour a while ago in
this mail:

i quote:

"You do appear to be authenticating properly, though it seems that the
mailbox already exists.

I'm betting you have your master mupdate server sharing the same
configdirectory as your backend, and since the backend does:

1. create local entry
2. reserve remote entry

the mupdate server sees that the entry already exists, and denys the



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