Converting spools to Cyrus

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Thu May 22 17:21:18 EDT 2003

The subject is a little misleading for the scope of the message, I think.

I've been setting up and testing a a shared message store system with Cyrus 2.1.13 for a couple of months now. Now I'm at the point to where I need to figure out how to best "feed" Cyrus our existing messages, which come from a number of other spools.

INN will, by far, be the easiest. That's a matter of setting up an NNTP feed, I think. Will this automatically push all of INN's spool to Cyrus, or just NNTP posts that are posted from after the feed was configured? If the latter, does anyone know of a few scripting hints for feeding an existing NNTP spool to Cyrus?

Along the same lines, the other two spools I have to deal with is Phorum, a web-based BBS system like phpBB, with messages in MySQL that do happen to have parent-message thread IDs, and also WWSympa mailing list archives. Again, I'm looking for scripting hints on how to get these messages, properly threaded, into Cyrus.

Ideas, suggestions, anything will help. Inevitably, we're talking close to 20,000 messages from the three spools that need to be imported. :)


Scott Balmos

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