mkimap and sieve directory

Ken Woodhams kwoodhams2 at
Fri May 23 02:12:16 EDT 2003

While reading other posts on this mailing lists regarding cyrus imapd 
2.2 I noticed that the mkimap tool created sieve related directories 
depending on what is mentioned in imapd.conf 

This is what I have regarding sieve:
sieveusehomedir: false
sievedir: /var/imap/sieve

I remember that when I used 2.0.* the mkimap command mentioned 
something about sieve directories with the same options like mentioned
above but I didn't see those with 2.2
mail# su - cyrus
reading configure file...
i will configure directory /var/imap.
i saw partition /var/spool/imap.
configuring /var/imap...
creating /var/spool/imap...

Is this behaviour normal? I know changes have been made to the sieve
code in 2.2 , just curious if the server will prepare /var/imap/sieve
by itself once a user starts adding sieve scripts.

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