migration to SASLv2 - how?

Olaf Zaplinski o.zaplinski at broadnet-mediascape.de
Mon May 26 06:05:19 EDT 2003


I am trying to migrate my system from 1.5.27 (Debian package) to 2.1.13 
(tarball). The second step after compiling fails:

binky:/usr/src/cyrus-sasl-2.1.13/utils# ./dbconverter-2

This program will take the sasldb file specified on the
command line and convert it to a new sasldb file in the default
location (usually /etc/sasldb). It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you
backup sasldb before allowing this program to run

We are going to convert /etc/sasldb and our output will be in /etc/sasldb2

Press return to continue

Error opening password file /etc/sasldb

When I get such an error message, I consider 2.1.13 not being stable. What 
do you think? Is the library itself also buggy or does it work well? And how 
can I convert my SASLv1 file?


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