How to configure users can share there own mailbox

Johan De Wit Johan.De_wit at
Mon May 26 07:31:54 EDT 2003


Still looking a couple of days, no succes to achieve following goal:

Setting up shared mailboxes.
  Every box has its main userf (maintainer).
  He can add/remove rights and users
  Should be possible by imap client.
I'm using mozilla up to 1.3 and netscape 7.0 as client.

Looking at tha ACL of the mailbox, the user has full control, but no way to
do something with the mailbox. He cannot share it with other users.

The cyrus user (admin) can share mailboxes among users, but we would like to 
delegete this.  Or is cyradm the only option, or should we use another imap 
client ? (Sun/linux/NT/2000)

Thanks for your time.



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