reconstruct w/ vdomains on 2.2a

Jure Pecar pegasus at
Mon May 26 19:35:11 EDT 2003

Here's my relevant config:

altnamespace: off
virtdomains: 1

If i run reconstruct without parameters, it nicely walks the mailboxes tree.
However, if i try some -r or -f with a mailbox in a form of:

user.username at domain.tld
user/username at domain.tld

i get nothing.

strace shows that it reads imap.conf, does init the db, reads the skipstamp,
opens the mailboxes.db, does some fstat and fcntl on it and exits 0.

Looking at the source in imap/reconstruct.c ... 

strcpy(buf, "*");
(*recon_namespace.mboxlist_findall)(&recon_namespace, buf, 1, 0, 0,
                                            do_reconstruct, NULL);

this is called when reconstruct is run without parameters and it works ok.

strcpy(buf, argv[i]);
/* Translate any separators in mailboxname */
mboxname_hiersep_tointernal(&recon_namespace, buf, 0);
(*recon_namespace.mboxlist_findall)(&recon_namespace, buf, 1, 0,
                                            0, do_reconstruct, 
                                            fflag ? &head : NULL);

this is called when reconstruct is run with parameters.

then my in-head interpreter crashes when it sees the mboxlist_findall in
imap/mboxlist.c ... :)

any ideas?


Jure Pecar

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