cyrus imap for plain maildir access

Tapang, Roderick Eugenio (GXS) RoderickEugenio.Tapang at
Tue May 27 02:35:43 EDT 2003


Can anyone point me to a Postfix+cyrus+amavis (no *sql) howto for plain
access/retrieval?  All the howto's that i've downloaded/read
deals with multi-domain hosting with mysql or postgresql account

all i'm trying to do is to host one or two domains (on RH or Slackware)
 with just the plain maildir access (i.e /home/erik/Maildir/*).

right now i've setup postfix with plain pop3 access (i can't figure out
how to setup imap access :().

thank u very much.

uh, btw - are there any other web-cyradm like tool that can 
handle the above? :)


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