cyrus imap for plain maildir access

Tapang, Roderick Eugenio (GXS) RoderickEugenio.Tapang at
Tue May 27 07:15:16 EDT 2003

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>Probably what you need is courier-imapd which will allow that. Cyrus
>uses a private mail directory format similar to maildir but special to
>Have you tried jamm? a bit 
>complex but will
>use maildir for virtual users using LDAP database.
>Otherwise postfix + courier-imapd can give you simple maildir 
>support in
>user's home directories /home/username/Maildir/
>~/Andrew koros

i've check jamm before and it looks a little bit complicated to
setup and handle.  I just downloaded courier imap and i will try
it when i get home.

many thanks for the suggestions.


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