cyrus imap for plain maildir access

Thomas Börnert tb at
Tue May 27 07:36:39 EDT 2003

have you tried this HOWTO ?

it's very good and easy.


On Tue, 27 May 2003, Tapang, Roderick Eugenio (GXS) wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
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> >Why not *sql ? It's very easy for installation. There are
> >good howto's and webfrontends (web-cyradm).
> >
> >-Thomas
> Well, that's the first approach I did (I'm using Andrew's guide
> in PDF format to set up postfix+cyrus imap+mysql on RHL 8) but
> the setup looks a bit more advanced and I can't make it work
> properly.  My point is to try the basics first.  Once I have set
> it up properly (ie. with spamassassin/amavis), i will then go
> into the *sql thing and **annoy** everyone here with my ?s. :D
> I do wish that a updated postfix+cyrus+postgresql+antivirus/
> spamassassin howto would be available by the time i finished
> practicing the basics of maildir setup.
> thanks.
> /erik

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