sandra sandra at
Tue May 27 13:13:31 EDT 2003

Hello ALL,

    I have cyrus-imap-2.1.12, cyrus-sasl-2.1.12, postfix-2.0.6 installed
in here. (pentium  , 2GB memory)
    And we are receiving mail messages from a mail server via lmtpd, and
storing in cyrus-mailboxes.

    The problem is that after a lot of messages like the following one,
the system is in out of memory
and we have to kill all the process (imap, saslauthd), after lmtpd
reaches about 800 lockers.

May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8649]: DBERROR db4: 639 lockers
May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8498]: DBERROR db4: 639 lockers
May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8662]: DBERROR db4: 638 lockers

And we have looked the internet for  clues, but nothing has solved our
problem. We have tried to
install the last version of db ( db-4.1.25), but it has not worked for

Please, Iwe need help. What could we do? Is there any patch for lmtpd,
or any parameter to set up?

Thanks a lot.


Computing Center

Campinas State University - UNICAMP -

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