Chris Scott chris at hostorlando.tV
Tue May 27 14:16:53 EDT 2003

sandra wrote:
> Hello ALL,
>     I have cyrus-imap-2.1.12, cyrus-sasl-2.1.12, postfix-2.0.6 installed
> in here. (pentium  , 2GB memory)
>     And we are receiving mail messages from a mail server via lmtpd, and
> storing in cyrus-mailboxes.
>     The problem is that after a lot of messages like the following one,
> the system is in out of memory
> and we have to kill all the process (imap, saslauthd), after lmtpd
> reaches about 800 lockers.
> May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8649]: DBERROR db4: 639 lockers
> May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8498]: DBERROR db4: 639 lockers
> May 27 09:56:38 athena lmtpd[8662]: DBERROR db4: 638 lockers
> And we have looked the internet for  clues, but nothing has solved our
> problem. We have tried to
> install the last version of db ( db-4.1.25), but it has not worked for
> us.
> Please, Iwe need help. What could we do? Is there any patch for lmtpd,
> or any parameter to set up?

Not sure if this will help you but I was having problems with saslauthd 
eating up all my memory and swap over time (usually a week).  Running 
saslauthd with the following switch fixed that problem:  -n 0

Chris Scott

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