lmtpd delivery problem: User unknown

Pascal Gienger pg at finesse-net.de
Thu May 29 11:44:40 EDT 2003

Kai Lanz <lanz at pangea.Stanford.EDU> wrote:

> To me it looks like lmtpd can't write to our system inboxes under
> /var/spool/mail.  Probably a permissions problem; so we reset the files
> in this directory to be owned by group "mail" with group RW permissions.
> That didn't help; we still get the User unknown complaint.

lmtpd writes in a Cyrus Mail Store. It is not compatible with standard unix 
mbox files in /var/spool/mail, the maildir format comes closer, but cyrus 
still uses cache databases within these directories.
What is in your imapd.conf? Where are your imap partitions?

If you want to access concurrently with multiple clients, your only chance 
is to use ONLY pop3 and imap4 and do not access the cyrus mail store 
directly (file-based). This won't work in a useable manner and may break up 
your whole store. If you already did this, reconstruct(8) should be your 

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