wishlist for 2.2 final

Earl R Shannon Earl_Shannon at ncsu.edu
Thu May 29 09:50:55 EDT 2003


We had a situation where it might have helped us if we had been
able to suspend new IMAP connections while leaving lmtpd running.
We learned that the shutdown message will stop ALL new connections
if the shutdown file exists.

Perhaps a separate shutdown file could exist for lmtp, imap, pop, sieve
and other services that the master runs. My initial thoughts are
to simply name the file in ../conf/msg something like shutdown.imap, ie.
add the service name as a suffix and if a connection is attempted
for that service make the appropriate response.

Wishing away.
Earl Shannon
Systems Programmer, Unix Systems, Information Technology Division
North Carolina State University
ph: (919)-515-5480

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