Cyrus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Simon Brady simon.brady at
Tue Jun 10 23:35:23 EDT 2003

Hello world,

We're planning to retire our Solaris mail server at the end of the year
and move Cyrus to Linux. I'd intended to move to RH7.3, which we use
widely and understand quite well, but Red Hat's support policies have
killed that idea.

Is anyone currently running Cyrus on Red Hat Enterprise, either out of the
box or self-installed? If so, have you encountered any issues beyond those
to be expected on 7.x? Having built from source on Solaris I was looking
forward to using Simon Matter's RPMs, but I don't know how they'll
interact with the RH Network "all your server are belong to us" madness.

[OT: Yes, I'm aware that there other other Linuces beyond RH, but we're
committed to HP hardware which is only certified for RH and SuSE (one of
my colleagues has been told by an HP engineer that they support Debian but
I've yet to see anything official). We have zero SuSE experience in-house,
so RH kind of have us by the danglies...]

Thanks for any feedback,

Simon Brady                             mailto:simon.brady at
ITS Technical Services
University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

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