notes on Sieve and cyrus-imapd-2.2a

Carl P. Corliss rabbitt at
Thu Jun 12 18:33:17 EDT 2003

On Thursday 12 June 2003 09:54 am, you wrote:
> Carl P. Corliss wrote:
> > Figured I'd let you know what I've found so far while trying to get sieve
> > working on 2.2a
> >
> > lmtpd looks for user scripts in the default domain, and all domains, in:
> >
> > /var/imap/sieve/domain/[hash]/[domain_name]/[hash]/[username]
> I've looked at the code and done a test myself and can't reproduce the
> problem.  Do you have defaultdomain set correctly?

In my imap.conf I have:


yet, all scripts are being looked for in /var/imap/sieve/domain/etc.

After doing some checking around, I've found that in lmtpd.c, function 
sieve_find_script(), 'bufuser' contains user at domain.tld even when the user is 
in the default domain.

in lmtpd.c, function sieve_find_script():
        if (config_virtdomains && (domain = strchr(bufuser, '@'))) {
            char d = (char) dir_hash_c(domain+1);
            *domain = '\0';  /* split user at domain */
            hash = (char) dir_hash_c(user);
            snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s%s%c/%s/%c/%s/default.bc",
                     sieve_dir, FNAME_DOMAINDIR, d, domain+1,
                     hash, bufuser);
        else {
            hash = (char) dir_hash_c(bufuser);

            snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s/%c/%s/default.bc",
                     sieve_dir, hash, user);

changing the if statement to:

if (config_virtdomains && (domain = strchr(bufuser, '@')) && 
strcasecmp(domain+1, config_defdomain)) {


allows it to work such that, all default domain users scripts are searched for  

and all non-default domain user's scripts in:


hope this helps ... :)

btw - thanx for such a great app :)

Carl P. Corliss
System Administrator / Developer

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