notes on Sieve and cyrus-imapd-2.2a

Carl P. Corliss rabbitt at
Thu Jun 12 19:08:29 EDT 2003

On Thursday 12 June 2003 09:54 am, Ken Murchison wrote:
> Carl P. Corliss wrote:
> > Figured I'd let you know what I've found so far while trying to get sieve
> > working on 2.2a
> >
> > lmtpd looks for user scripts in the default domain, and all domains, in:
> >
> > /var/imap/sieve/domain/[hash]/[domain_name]/[hash]/[username]
> I've looked at the code and done a test myself and can't reproduce the
> problem.  Do you have defaultdomain set correctly?

I've also noticed that with fulldirhash turned on, timsieved doesn't hash the 
whole username (ie., user at domain) for default domain users because it is only 
getting passed 'user' and not 'user at domain', however, lmtpd -does- receive 
the whole username (ie., user at domain) and therefore -does- hash it 
completely. example:

for user: rabbitt at, timsieved creates directory:

however, lmtpd searches in directory:

(note: lmtpd searches in that directory as opposed to 
/var/imap/sieve/domain/[hash]/ due to change I made in 
sieve_find_script() that I mentioned in my other email)

'T' == dir_hash_c("rabbitt")
'O' == dir_hash_c("rabbitt at") 

note: dir_hash_c actually only hashes up to the first '.' so it's actually the 
same as: dir_hash_c("rabbitt at xaraya")

Gonna do some more digging through the code and see if I can find out anything 
else that might help.


Carl P. Corliss
System Administrator / Developer

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