Can't delete old folders from before ALTNAMESPACE

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Mon Jun 16 15:34:53 EDT 2003

Lee wrote:

>> You should be able to delete these from within cyradm as an admin, 
>> unless
>> somebody deleted stuff by hand from the filesystem.
> I think that might be the problem.
> When i try to SAM the folders pre-deletion in cyradm, i get a:
> setaclmailbox: admin: lcp: System I/O error
> Is there a way to force remove cyrus' internal list of those folders?

If you deleted them without Cyrus knowing about it, your best bet is to 
take Cyrus down, dump the mboxlist (ctl_mboxlist -d >file.txt), edit the 
text version of the file to remove things that are no longer there, and 
then undump the mboxlist (ctl_mboxlist -u -f file.txt), and then bring 
everything up.  You really should not be deleting things under Cyrus's 
control except through Cyrus.

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