Cyrus and TCP Wrapper info needed.

Mark London mrl at PSFC.MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 17 10:43:09 EDT 2003

Hi - A couple of weeks ago people suggested that I could use TCP Wrapper to
restrict access to the IMAP port.   I'm confused, because I'm running xinetd,
which normally does not use libwrap, and instructions on using the TCP Wrapper
all talk about using inetd.   I see mention that xinetd can be compiled with
libwrap support, but I want to avoid doing that if I can.  And I assume I need
to either configure xinetd or inetd to get TCP Wrapper to work, or am I wrong?  
I.e. I just can't compile cyrus with libwrap (which I've done) and set up
entries I hosts.allow and hosts.deny, right?

Some people suggested I use iptables to restrict access to the IMAP port. 
While this might be the "simpler" approach, the documentation on iptables all
seems to include examples on how to set up a firewall.  I can't find an
example of just what I want to do, and since it looks like it would take days
to read the documentation on iptables, the TCP Wrapper option seems simpler. 
Thanks. -   Mark

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