SSL wrapped sieve support (ala "imaps") for timsieved [LONG]

Scott Russell lnxgeek at
Tue Jun 17 21:52:17 EDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 12:24:49PM -0700, Ben Poliakoff wrote:
> Thanks for the reminder about the -C flag for timsieved.  Using that I
> can at least limit the "allowplaintext: yes" to timsieved.
> So we can stumble along with this solution (and the stunnels) until we
> are able to come up with a STARTTLS patch for the PHP/Pear Net_Sieve
> class.

Ohh, didn't know this existed. I'm still using sieve-php.lib from Dan
Ellis with some CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 patches I wrote to avoid the whole
plain text password issue. 

Does Net_Sieve not support CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 auth mechs? If it did
would that be good enough to solve your problem or are you looking for
SSL to secure the data transfer beyond the authentication?

Scott Russell <lnxgeek at>
IBM Linux Technology Center, System Admin
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