Cyrus impa,mysql,postfix, pam PROBLEM

Denny Schierz linuxmail at
Tue Jun 17 17:54:57 EDT 2003


i searched in google for answers and the most pages says, that the
maschine is too slow, to handle so many connections. 
Do you use mysql.socks or tcp? I would say, test both ways.

It is also possible, that pam drops the connections to late, or the
timeout is too long.

Please ask the mysql mailinglist, i think they can help you, too tune

sorry, that i can't really help you

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 20:39, Bartosz Jozwiak wrote:

> Did anybody had before that problem?
> Is pam not making to many connections?
> Please help me to solw this problem!

cu denny

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