Tom Carroll tcarroll at chc-chimes.com
Wed Jun 18 12:11:41 EDT 2003

Good day -

Upon upgrading to sasl 2.1.13,cyrus 2.1.13, I started receiving the
following errors:

bad digest-uri: doesn't match service
badlogin: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX DIGEST-MD5 SASL(-13): authentication failure: bad digest-uri: doesn't match service

I re-created the sasldb, but to no avail.  I used the following:
saslpasswd2 -c -a Cyrus user.

Currently, I disabled DIGEST-MD5 and everything functions. All the
clients are currently using CRAM-MD5.

I was successfully using DIGEST-MD5 in a sasl 2.1.10, cyrus 2.1.10

Has anyone successfully corrected this issue?  Is this even an issue?
Am I doing something blatantly wrong?

Thanks -


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