Sieve failure on deliverdb corruption...

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Jun 19 00:43:37 EDT 2003

Good point about complete lmtp failure. Our automated systems which try and
send an email and check for it every 20 minutes would have picked up such a
failure pretty quickly and contacted us... not to mention all the users :)

On the other hand... we have a script that continuously tail's the cyrus log
looking for certain conditions to alert us. I've just added a check in that
if it finds a 'DB_RUNRECOVER' error, it will automatically do a:

su cyrus -c "cd /var/imap/db; /usr/bin/db_recover"

Which should hopefully fix the problem without us even having to get
involved if it ever happens again :)
(If a problem still persists, it then SMS's us)

Is there anyway you can detect an error where db_recover needs to be run,
and do so. If that then fails, then you terminate ltmpd? Basically try and
fix, and only fail it you really can't...


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> On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Rob Mueller wrote:
> > 1. Duplicate DB errors causes mail delivery to fail
> >
> > a) Email lost/bounced. Really bad.
> It depends on the type of failure.
> If we're returing 5xx error codes, then yes, this is the case.  Otherwise,
> we have a case where sieve isn't answering (say, if it fatal()s as in my
> other message) or its returning temp failures.  In this case, the MTA
> should queue for several days, and no mail should be lost (provided your
> administrator/monitoring system is awake).
> > 2. Duplicate DB errors causes sieve to fail
> > 3. Duplicate DB errors cause multiple vacation responses/redirects
> These are harder to detect in an automated fashion, and thus are likely to
> persist for longer than just killing lmtpd totally.
> Offhand, I'm not totally convinced killing lmtpd is the right course of
> action, but it does make the failure very easy to detect (and the logs
> tend to make it obvious that a corrupted deliver.db is the problem).
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