Murder: seems like timsieved of frontend does not proxy well.

Dmitry Novosjolov novodim at
Fri Jun 20 05:47:35 EDT 2003


I'm finishing my Murder cyrus-2.2a installation: now I want that timsieved 
running on a frontend server would be able to proxy requests to a proper 

I'm accessing a sieve service with a websieve application (perl) (I also tried 
to work with sieve via sieve plugin for SquirrelMail php based web interface)

When I'm connecting to the backend's timsieved directly with websieve all is 
But when I connect to the frontend nothing works. But sieve should look the 
same via both frontend and backend connections, like imap or pop3 do.

In documentation about murder installation is said that sieve does not need a 
proxy, for timsieved supports refferrals and can work as proxy without any 
actions from the client side. Seem like it's not so, for when I'm connecting 
with SquirrelMail plugin it shows:
----- begin -----
UNKNOWN ERROR (Please report this line to danellis at to include in 
future releases): BYE (REFERRAL "gw") "Try Remote." 
Unable to load script to server. See server response below:
BYE (REFERRAL "gw") "Try Remote." 
UNKNOWN ERROR (Please report this line to danellis at to include in 
future releases):
----- end -----

Previously with a help of this mailling list I discovered that pop3d also does 
not need a proxy, which conflicts with documentation, so it's possible that 
there is something similar relating timsieved.

Question: is it the case ? 

In log files I see that authentication for sieve is going the way it should 
(first on a frontend server, then on backend). 

Has anybody got working properly timsieved on a frontend in murder 

I'm stuck with that, any help would be great.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Novosjolov Dmitry

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