Best way of putting a single file into multiple mailboxes

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Wed Jun 25 10:47:52 EDT 2003

Zitat von Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at>:

> On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:
> > I am trying to deliver  newsletters to multiple people who have accounts
> > on my own server.
> > I am sending it as mail to postfix and delivering to all mailboxes
> > The problem is there are so many lmtp connections  that cyrus dies.
> > Especially When I have hundreds of such newsletters generated
> Postfix should have a configuration option to increase the max # of
> recipients involved in an LMTP transaction.
> I believe it is something like
> <transport>_destination_recipient_limit.
> The default is 1, which will result in pretty poor performance.
> -Rob

Not the whole truth. It also depends how you feed mails to lmtp. The default
destination_recipient_limit is 50.

Taken from Postfix mailing-list :

>> Can postfix 2.0.6 using the local delivery agent and a mailbox
>> transport  to the Cyrus2.1.12 lmtp socket take advantage of single
>> message store with alias expansion?
>Postfix can deliver email to cyrus mailboxes after first performing alias
>expansion just as you describe via mailbox_transport. The words "single
>message store" suggest that you are also looking for the ability to
>deliver a single stored copy of a message to multiple recipients. This you
>cannot do when using the local+mailbox_transport combination. The "local"
>delivery agent delivers to one user at a time.
>It is possible to use virtual_alias_maps (Postfix 2.0) and transport table
>entries with a RHS of "lmtp:..." to bypass "local" entirely. In this case
>multi-recipient delivery will work, and it is still possible to support
>address rewriting. Finally, some of the virtual_alias_maps entries might
>map to "local" domains, which provide support for command aliases, ...

So the baseline is :
- Use transport maps with "lmtp:" entry to bypass "local"
- Raise the "destination_recipient_limit" to more then 50
- Limit the number of concurrent lmtp clients in "" to something your
server can handle



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