cyrdump: restoring the dump

Alexandros Vellis avel at
Wed Jun 25 10:28:53 EDT 2003


Since the documentation on cyrdump is lacking, I'd like to ask if there
is a way to restore the *contents* of a mailbox, as displayed in the
output of cyrdump ("multipart/related"), directly to a mailbox in Cyrus.

My goal is to backup some pretty large mailboxes and then restore them
to a brand new, clean Cyrus installation, and the cyrdump output seems
ideal to this, as it has all the useful metadata.

An alternative to this would be to just get all the data with an MUA to
its local folder, and restore them by hand. Backing up the databases
themselves, although the common strategy for backups, is no option here,
because I'd like a clean installation with no old ACLs around et al, and
the folders themselves need to be recreated by hand, as there will be
differences in the shared folder policies, naming schemes etc.

So is there a reverse of "cyrdump" available? (Something like
"cyrrestore New.Folder.Name < /cyrdump_backups/Old.Folder.Name")

Thanks in advance,

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avel at         Network Operations Centre
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