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>A 17:50 26/06/2003 -0700, vous avez =E9crit :
>>I know this has been asked many times but pardon me for asking it again.=20
>>I've been searching the web for a script that creates multiple mailboxes=20
>>and converting berkeley mailboxes to cyrus. I've read oreilly's book but=20
>>the script is for the older version. I tried using imap-utils but can't=20
>>figure how to compile and execute it. Please direct me to some urls or=20
>>other info that can be of help.
>I've arranged 2 o'reilly scripts in order to make it work for 2.1.13
>My 2000 accounts have been converted in about 1h30 on a PIII800Mhz, 384 M=20
>RAM and 2 slow IDE disks
>It only imports inbox, not all other folders (if you had a wu imap server=20
>for example)
>It's written in perl and shell
>Hope that can help someone.
>Tell me if this message bored you.

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