Archival Process

pnelson pnelson at
Fri Jun 27 14:20:49 EDT 2003

Recently moved company off exchange onto Cyrus-IMAP.  That went well,
but I have users that miss the pst containers of exchange and outlook. 
They used them to store old messages and remove them from the system and
back them up on some removable medium.  So they would put say all of
2002 messages in a pst file call 2002.pst and then if they ever needed
this they would be able to open it and look through the messages.  

I've decided to try and come up with a way they can do this with the
current IMAP setup.  Quick response isn't really important.  Currently
they have folders under the IMAP inbox like:


So I was thinking that I would just tar up the 2002 directory on the
IMAP server and then remove the directory and move the tar file to a

Would it be that easy or am I missing something?

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