cyradm erros when reconstructing a mailbox

Ezsra McDonald ezsra_mcdonald at
Mon Jun 30 16:57:54 EDT 2003

lm user.jessica.*

user.jessica.Adobe (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.BOHA (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Batch (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Bugs (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Corps (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Courts (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.E-mail addresses (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Email Stuff (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Employee Self Service (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.FTP (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.General Responses (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KBA (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KBC (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KBI (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KBI PI (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KCC (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDEM (\HasChildren)
user.jessica.KDEM.Homeland Security (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDHE (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDOCH (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDOHR (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDOR (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDOT (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KDWP (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KREC (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.KSBN (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Legislative (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Library (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Links (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.MVR (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Meetings (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Meetings, etc (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Miscellaneous (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.NIC Stuff (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Nursing (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Nursing Errors (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.PKI (\HasChildren)
user.jessica.PKI.Digital ID requests (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.PKI.Links (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.PKI.My Stuff (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.PKI.Reports (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Pharmacy (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Phone Numbers (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Procedures (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Projects (\HasChildren)
user.jessica.Projects.Jeanine Stuff (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Projects.Portal Redesign (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Property Tax (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Responses (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.SOS (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Sedgwick (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Telnet (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Tourism (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Trip (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Trucking (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.UCC (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Web Design (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Webfile (\HasNoChildren)
user.jessica.Word Docs (\HasNoChildren)

lam user.jessica.Trash

jessica lrswipcda

--- Patrick Welche <prlw1 at> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 12:08:06PM -0700, Ezsra
> McDonald wrote:
> > OK, I probably did something rash when I rsynced a
> few
> > of my mailboxes to a new cyrus mail server. It was
> an
> > unplanned migration and It had to be fast.
> > 
> > One of the users can't delete messages in
> subfolders.
> > she also can't move messages into these sub
> folders. 
> > 
> > I tried to run a reconstruct and got the following
> > error:
> > 
> > host.domain> reconstruct -r user.jessica
> > reconstruct: Operating System Error
> > 
> > Any suggestions?
> What are the access control lists on these
> subfolders?
> eg. cyradm localhost
> lm user.jessica.*
> lam user.jessica.Sent
> Cheers,
> Patrick

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