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Tue Jul 29 17:16:27 EDT 2003


When I create groups in my /etc/group file to use with cyrus, I'd like to have 
them there in format groupname at domainname:*:gid:users which I think make sense. 
It works just fine except fot the default domain. With the default domain 
groups work only in format groupname:*:gid:users
When I have groups in format groupname at domainname:*:gid:users and trying to 
assign permissions to that group I'm getting following error:

localhost> sam sharedmailbox at defaultdomain group:groupname at defaultdomain lrsp
setaclmailbox: group:groupname at defaultdomain: lrsp: Invalid identifier

Is it possible to fix that?

BTW, I'm using Cyrus-IMAPD 2.2.1beta installation from FreeBSD ports collection.

Best regards,

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