"@" in mailbox names

Daniel Lawson dhtrl1 at cs.waikato.ac.nz
Tue Jul 29 17:41:07 EDT 2003

>>Why?  Unless Daniel uses lmtp auth, ldap is not consulted during
>>lmtp delivery.
>I am assuming his MTA is using LDAP as the backend for the virtual map
>for exim..As that is what I use in my setup with postfix using LDAP as
>the backend for the virtual delivery table map. 
>He still needs to escape the @ in whatever he has exim configured to use
>to map the user at dom.com so it will be mailed to
>user\\\@dom.com at mailserver.host.name when it is delivered to LMTP

At the moment I'm using exim with cyrdeliver (debian call cyrus' deliver 
'cyrdeliver'), not doing direct lmtp delivery.
So a quick hack is to use

 "/usr/bin/cyrdeliver ${local_part}\\\\@${domain}"

as the delivery command within exim. I've tested this, and it works 
fine, although as you can see I have to escape the \'s a second time.

I'll have a quick look into the best way to store the mail name in ldap 
including the \'s, so that I can use lmtp directly. At the moment I am 
using the uid attribute for both mail target resolution (ie, exims view 
of it) and cyrus' authentication (via pam_ldap), so I guess I'll have to 
change that.

Thanks to both Edward and Igor for responding.


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