cyradm erros when reconstructing a mailbox

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Tue Jul 1 10:31:28 EDT 2003

Ezsra McDonald wrote:

>OK, I probably did something rash when I rsynced a few
>of my mailboxes to a new cyrus mail server. It was an
>unplanned migration and It had to be fast.
>One of the users can't delete messages in subfolders.
>she also can't move messages into these sub folders. 
>I tried to run a reconstruct and got the following
>host.domain> reconstruct -r user.jessica
>reconstruct: Operating System Error
>Any suggestions?
Set syslog to debug and see what error messages show up in the log.  Are 
the Unix-level permissions on the files and directories for her mailbox 
correct?  Do you have any disk I/O errors?

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