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Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Jul 3 22:18:20 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, James A. Pattie wrote:
>>	I've searched the archives and have not found any e-mails talking about
>>adding the XSERVERINFO extension which is needed to make mozilla mail
>>show the "permissions" button when viewing a folders properties.
>>Apparently if the imap server supports the XSERVERINFO extension and
>>returned a url for the MANAGEACCOUNTURL argument they then provide the
>>button which justs opens a browser window and surfs to the specified url
>>so that you can then share the folder, etc.
> So, uh, why can't the clients just implement the standardized ACL
> extention and take care of manging the folders that way?  Having a website
> URL to manage the folder ACLs sounds like a hideous hack.
>>	I'm looking to add the XSERVERINFO extension to cyrus imap and was
>>wondering if anyone else has worked on this or has any desire to see
>>this feature added.  I'm planning on adding it like the X-NETSCAPE
>>extension was done so that the user compiling cyrus imap has to
>>explicitly enable it.
> As it is the X-NETSCAPE hack is pretty ugly.  Its basicly only there so
> that older netscape IMAP clients won't claim that the server is
> *defective* when it doesn't advertise a *nonstandard* extention.  For
> example, see the following urls:
> With no specifications to go on, I'm really hesitant to even begin to
> think about adding another such non-standard extention.  If clients really
> think there is a demand for this, I encourage them to pursue such
> extentions through the IETF.

I actually have the spec that John Myers posted a few IETF back.  I 
believe that both he and Chris Newman haved stated that this private 
extension to Netscape's server products is (or should be) deprecated. 
Its a shame that the Mozilla code has left this cruft floating around.

Its surprising that Sun/Netscape's client doesn't support the ACL 
extension given the fact that its author works for them!

I agree that any effort in adding this non-standard extension to Cyrus 
would be misplaced.  I'd suggest that if you want to contribute to an 
open source project, that you add the documented ACL support to any of 
the clients that you mentioned.

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