SMTP/IMAP Realm Problems

Andrew Brink abrink at
Tue Jul 8 10:56:55 EDT 2003


I have finally figured out why my SMTP authentication is not working, because of a real problem, now I just need to know the best way to fix this.

The problem is that sendmail is trying to send the FQDN as the realm (lets say  but my users are listed in sasl2 as username at neo

Now, I can add another user specifying the realm with -u as so the user is user2 at and SMTP auth works like a charm, however, when I do this, I can no longer login with POP nor IMAP.  This poses a problem.

I suppose one workaround is to have two username for each user one at the shortdomain realm and one at the FQDN realm..... This seams like a faulty workaround, and I bet there is a better way to make the two play nice with each other.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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