SMTP/IMAP Realm Problems

Andrew Brink abrink at
Tue Jul 8 11:17:39 EDT 2003

Sorry, Meant to send to cyrus-sasl.

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> Subject:	SMTP/IMAP Realm Problems
> Hello
> I have finally figured out why my SMTP authentication is not working, because of a real problem, now I just need to know the best way to fix this.
> The problem is that sendmail is trying to send the FQDN as the realm (lets say  but my users are listed in sasl2 as username at neo
> Now, I can add another user specifying the realm with -u as so the user is user2 at and SMTP auth works like a charm, however, when I do this, I can no longer login with POP nor IMAP.  This poses a problem.
> I suppose one workaround is to have two username for each user one at the shortdomain realm and one at the FQDN realm..... This seams like a faulty workaround, and I bet there is a better way to make the two play nice with each other.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Andrew

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